Thursday, 28 September 2006

[haven] – Naos

“Naos” is a brand new child of Asphodel – the mastermind of the project [haven]. It’s the second production of the artist (after “The Last Breath of the Lonely Buildings”) and it definitely takes a more oriental turn in comparison to its predecessor. Though a categorization here is a hard act to follow, the most accurate would be to say that the CD merges the elements of electronics with those of magical psychedelia and industrial.

Saturday, 16 September 2006

Deathcamp Project – Laxa(C)tivE

Deathcamp Project is a Polish band that was established in 2001. It consists of Betrayal who is responsible for bass, programming and keyboards and Void who looks after lyrics, guitars and vocals. They are said to create goth rock music with the elements of death rock, electronics and industrial.

Their youngest child, EP “Laxa(C)tivE”, is like Janus: it has two different faces which still belong to a one, single entity. One face is the emotional goth rock and the other hard-hitting danceable one and they appear in ‘Away from you’ and ‘Rule and Control’, my favorite tracks, respectively.

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

MonsterGod – Newborn Monster

The duo MonsterGod is a newbie on the music market though the musicians themselves have their Freshman Friday far behind them. Both artists – Smola and Schnitter – performed in other Polish projects in the past – the former in The Egoist, the latter in TRH – so their experience is definitely of use in the present-day career.

Red Emprez – Clubgirls & Poofs

Red Emprez is a duo formed in 2004 so they’re not quite new kids on the electro block; on the contrary, so far they’ve managed to enchant the audience in Poland quite successfully. If I was to describe the band and their so-far artistic output in one sentence it would be “it’s where the 80s and the electro music meet in the atmosphere of tolerance and understanding”.