Monday, 25 June 2018

The interview with Monika "Akinom" Buko

An armed accountant/photographer with CSI degree. Are you afraid? :)

Recently, I've been thinking about people who keep on dreaming about doing something with their lives – something quite opposite to what they've been doing so far. Hardly anyone will.
That's one of the reasons why I've always been so inspired by the people who act. The older I get the less powerful the words are for me – at least as a prime mover. Acts speak for themselves.
Aki is a high explosive – she has so many juxtaposing passions that she could share them with several other persons. Apart from that – she is an honest, positive and open person – a real sunshine girl to energize anyone who will come closer – with good intentions of course:) She said about herself "I've always been torn between the two – art and brute force. Only now I see it clearly."

About combining work, passion, art and guns – with Monika „Akinom” Buko.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Almost a Soldier

A few days ago I heard a story: quite close to our home there was a dog playing. Friendly, joyful, vivacious, extremely patient for children. It turned out the dog was intended for military service. Unfortunately, during some tests a vet injected him steroids instead of vitamins and thus ruined his  immunological system completely. They wanted to put him down, yet an officer - his former  keeper  - bought him from the army and treated him to full recovery. Now he is an extremely smart, friendly companion the other dog owners want to pay thousands for. Still, his owner refuses. No wonder :)

I must say the story lift my mood. So I wrote it down - hope it will make you smile too.

laters :)

Friday, 1 June 2018

Schattenwelt Festival

On November 9th + 10th, Vienna, with its 4th Schattenwelt-Festival, will again be the center of the Gothic & Dark-Electro scene 
With 22 international live acts + DJ floors & shopping area, and more, everything is ready for the next great showdown in Austria!
Line-up 2018:
AD:keY offical (EBM, DE)
Amnistia (Official) (Bodywave/EBM, DE)
AND ONE (Synthpop/EBM, DE)
Ash Code (Post-Punk, ITA)
Dark Side Eons (Synthrock/Gothic Electro, POL)
Desastroes (Electro-Goth, DE)
Diorama (Synthpop/Darkwave, DE)
FrontAngel (Electro/Futurepop, DE)
FrozenPlasma (Synthpop/Electropop, DE)
H.EXE (Dark-Electro-Metal, POL)
JanRevolution Music (Synthpop, DE)
Kirlian Camera (official) (Electropop/Neo-Folk, ITA)
Krankheit (Gothic-Metal/NDH, AT)
Lahka Muza & projekt Hieros Gamos (Darkwave, SK)
Orange Sector (offiziell) (EBM, DE)
[:SITD:] (Official) (Electro/EBM, DE)
SadDoLLs (Gothic-Rock, GRC)
Schramm Official (Industrial-Rock/EBM, DE)
SIVA SIX (OFFICIAL) (Dark-Electro/Industrial, GRC)
System 84 (EBM, AT)
The Flatfield (Post-Punk/Gothic-Rock, FIN)
WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW (Gothic-Rock/Post-Punk, AT)

------------ SHUTTLE TRANSFER -------------

--> There will be a free bus transfer during the night from the Festival to Vienna City (underground station)

--> During the day the Multiversum is easy to reach which the S-Bahn 7, cause the Schwechat train station is just behind the festival building!