Sunday, 6 June 2010

Diorama - Cubed

Every subsequent album by Diorama is like a transfusion – not of blood though, but energy.
The negative evaporates and the masses of positive and invigorating go to its right place; above all to the organ commonly known as soul.

By all means the Gents have every right to the next golden star as'Cubed' is a well-prepared, diversified and well-thought-out piece.
Far more dynamic than melancholic – or should I say – very diorama-like, meaning tricky.
Melodies show their pawns and present catchy rhythms whereas the lyrics say 'stop and think' stimulating the brain intellectual functions.

Ambiguous variety - that's what we get.

So what we have is Diorama in party, energetic version ('Disco Diorama, oh mon Dieu, how can that be?!' 'Can be kiddo, moreover, the results kick asses „ ) – like at 'Ignite', 'Apocalypse Later', 'Golden Boy', 'Alpha Animal Complex' or one of my faves 'Acid Trip', where the pieces are made of dynamic, catchy melodies and the vocal is stronger not the get lost in the flood of beat and overwhelming rhythm.
I guess there'll be plenty going on the dance floors.

There are also heart-hooks much in style of 'Belle' like 'My Counterfeit' so I assume relieved yet hoping the piano will not be dying in dust during the concerts promoting the new release.
Calm melody goes beyond any safety barriers and disarms. But also pacifies, hypnotizes and slows the train of thoughts down to the level the listener starts thinking on what s/he has just heard in the song.

Mixed pieces, hitting unexpectedly like 'Refugee', a bit raw 'Stereotype', balanced though misleading 'Lord of the Lies', cold, slightly melancholic 'Gone, Gone, Gone', the tile 'Cubed' and the one previously released as single 'Child of Entertainment'– all these tracks complement the album's content and form it into the well-balanced entity even though the components seem to come from various origins.

The same goes for the bonus tracks: 'Stuckato' would be perfect for long journey/mystic heroes adventures movie soundtrack -it has the required profundity and mysterious depth.
Stronger more dynamic, 'Batteries', fragmentary, a bit torn and thus intriguing 'The Hunt' that features uncommon, original melody, slow, unobvious 'Jericho Beach' and 'Shadowplay' - they sound like the effect of the artists' experiments with sounds.
The effect is interesting.

By blending subtlety, strong blast, coldness, vividity and calmness with intelligent lyrics Diorama offers the listener the muti-plot story that scopes attention and denies any monotony.
I may say the album is a real gem and the amount of fantastic music has been cubed indeed.

I recommend.
of course