Monday, 13 November 2017

Schattenwelt Festival 2018 - review

Schattenwelt Festival took part for the fourth time. It's an exceptional event that combines both a grand scale, cosiness and perfect organization. The venue being the Schewchat centrum Multiversum enables a lot when it comes to sound, light and scenic arrangements while the careful selection of the bands for the line-up attracts the most fantastic audience. It is the main factor that makes the event so special.
What has to be said at the very beginning is that the organization of the whole event, security and the most friendly staff were the essence that made Schattenwelt one of the festivals I'll hold dear in my memory.

During two festival days (9-10.11.2018) we could see nineteen bands. Each of them presented a different tone to dark alternative music. The concerts took place on two stages – a smaller, club one where the dynamic, dancy sounds dominated, and the main one where emotions, guitars and metal power prevailed.

On Friday the line-up was as follows: JanRevolution, Dark Side Eons, H:EXE, Sad Dolls, System 84, SITD, Whispers in the Shadow, AD:keY i Kirlian Camera

On Saturday we could see The Flatfield, Schramm, Amnistia, Lahka Muza, Ash Code, Frozen Plasma, Orange Sector, Diorama, Siva Six, And One. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Wroclaw Industrial Festival 2017 - review



Since I remember I have always been fascinated by the power of human creativity – the path the imagination takes and the unlimited means of expression it employs.
The music festivals is an occasion to meet other people – not only to talk but also to visit the worlds of their imagination and inner selves.

Wrocław Industrial Festival has always been an event that promoted diversity and even after several years of my absence I am stunned, just like I was in 2002, how ingenious and incredible the artists can be when it comes to the expression of their visions, ideas inspirations or dreams.
Sometimes their message gets to me faster, sometimes slower, but it's always a great pleasure to immerse into the  soundscapes their conjure and the meeting with their sensitivity – sometimes totally different from mine. Not to mention the courage to present their ideas to the others. I always appreciate that a lot so it's even greater pleasure to say the 2017 edition was rich in amazing musical journeys.

I regret I was able to participate in a part of the festival only, still the shows I saw made me forget about everyday and the banal to such an extent I feel utterly happy person now.
After all that's what art is also for – to remind one life has the beautiful, ephemeral side as well.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


 Memory is a strange thing...Recently I've been thinking about it quite a lot. 
I was walking down the streets thinking how it was possible that several years ago there was a girl walking here thinking about totally different things, preoccupied with different people, matters, dreams.
The past and its images seem like an illusion. With no photographs, notes, memories it would be impossible to reconstruct it and even the said scraps show only but a fragment of somebody's subjective story.

Is everything one remembers just a mirage? Something that was so important for a while: the moment, the people, all those things that passed or changed?