Sunday, 11 November 2007


Wroclaw Industrial Festival took place for the sixth time. I was lucky to participate in it for the 5th time and I may justly say that both the form and the attendance had changed – for better. The fact is the edition 2007 was special as far as the line-up was concerned and I'm sure the participation of so many hight class artists was a factor that attracted so vast an audience to come to Wroclaw (even from far anyway).

The Gothic Hall had changed its appearance too – as a rule it's a frugal place, but for the time of the Festival it was decorated in an original way (were the lamps in the form of jellyfish to make us think we are deep under water?:).

The Festival itself, as I have already mentioned, is evolving, still it's basic assumptions remain the same and these are: the presentation of avant-garde art achievements (meaning not only music, but also other forms of art like video, performance, or other fine arts). The Festival usually presents quite a rich list of accompanying events such as workshops, multimedia presentations, lectures, or exhibitions which go with what the Fest is all about: highlighting all the advantages and disadvantages of technically advanced world.

The Festival started on 5th November, however, I'll start reporting the concerts that took place on Friday 9.11.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

i...deviant - memento mori – a requiem for Europe

“Memento mori” ... that's the title of i...deviant release of 2006. The question is what is death for the artists? Whether it is a permanent silence, the end of everything, or something natural? One thing's sure: if death requires concentration and is mysterious then definitely i..deviant create such atmosphere . The album consists of five tracks which constitute as if one single journey separated into several stops in such a way that each of them forms an individual body - both as far as the atmosphere and the music is concerned - and yet constitutes a part of a bigger entity.
pravda – the opening track – starts as if a deep breath (last breath?), then the most beautiful, single sounds follows, diving into the sonic deep. The combination is so poignant that it scopes attention from the very start: the sound imitates someone playing cello in the labyrinth of rocks. The main line is accompanied by a grim, threatening and drilling electronic stream. The vocal in turn makes me think of recitation, silenced monologue.