Saturday, 19 January 2008

Diary of Dreams, Agonised by Love and Cliche live act

First there had been long waiting, then only counting... first days, then hours... the concert that took place 19th January in Warsaw had been evoking many emotions as it was then that we were to listen to new songs of new Diary of Dreams album „Nekrolog43” performed live.

The concert in Warsaw, as the next (though still one of the first) stop on „N43” tour attracted crowds to the club Progresja and, let me say it openly, it was worth coming. Those who complained after the last gig of DoD in Poland (the Castle Party one) that the band hadn't played 'any new songs' were now satisfied.

Still, before the heroes of the evening appeared on the stage two domestic projects - Cliche and Agonised by Love. - played their gigs.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Nachtmahr - Kunst ist Krieg

The siren starting the album really stands for an appropriate intro...if you decide to listen to „Kunst ist Krieg” you have to prepare yourself for war... whether your acoustic duct stands the attack of harsh sounds or gets smashed is a highly individual thing...