Thursday, 30 August 2018

Die Krupps, Frontline Assembly, Tension Control - The Machinists United Tour 2018

 Dawno nie doświadczyłam takiej kumulacji energii i gitarowego szaleństwa jak 29 sierpnia w Starym Klasztorze. Trzy zespoły będące w trasie The Machinists United Tour 2018 - Die Krupps, Frontline Assembly i Tension Control dały pokaz jak umiejętnie rozruszać publikę i doprowadzić ją do stanu wrzenia. Trzeba przyznać, że nieczęsto widuje się ten skład na trasie razem, więc biorąc pod uwagę sam kaliber gwiazd jak i połączenie ich siły rażenia – była to gratka, której nie sposób było zignorować.

English version available at Reflections of Darkness

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Sólveig Matthildur - Unexplained miseries & the acceptance of sorrow, CD review

A new CD review, Sólveig Matthildur - Unexplained miseries & the acceptance of sorrow.  is now online at Reflections of Darkness

Sólveig Matthildur is playing high and low emotional temperatures on the album. Its title and content are as thought provoking as the whole soundscape of the release. I recommend!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The interview with Weronika of Kot Cafe

I reach Kot Cafe one beautiful, sunny, Friday afternoon. There are a few clients inside, the catpany is currently asleep. There are seven cats; I'm trying to see where they have gone – most of them are deep asleep and nobody is nagging them – as per the rules of the place visible everywhere.

It's a special place – honestly speaking I'd been hesitating to visit it since I had thought that this sort of places are created for people's fun and animal's torture. I was completely wrong! In Kot Cafe the cats go first and their safety, peace and well being are absolute priority!
As a client you cannot wake them up, harm them or chase them, the bottom age of visitors is 10. The personnel is really careful about following the rules – if you neglect them they will scald you really badly.

Kot Cafe is a shelter for abandoned, harmed cats, also those of deceased owners – each and every one of them has his own story and they live together under one roof in a perfect harmony. They are all waiting to be adopted. The place does not have any sponsors, they fund everything necessary for cats out of what they make in the cafe. lovers of all kinds – rush in for catppucino or catte latte!

Friday, 17 August 2018

The interview with Michał Roszkowski - Tattoo Parlour

If someone could personify a smile, then Michał would be a perfect candidate. He is also the best ad for his work - the amount of tattoos he's wearing and the overall image is impressive. His studio is a symphony of colour and unique artworks - the passion, charisma and the owner's personality are visible in every corner - just like the place, his art speaks for him.

The interview with Michał Roszkowski of Tattoo Parlour - about tattoos, Japanese inspirations and additive qualities of ink.

For a start tell me a bit about your studio - Tattoo Parlour – when did you start it? What was the impulse to establish it, what your team, clients are like, how do people find out about the place?

Well, the studio started in 2013, a year after I returned from Berlin. I'd worked there for 5 years – it was one of the most renowned places in Germany - "Nightlinertatto". From the very start when I got into tattoos – and I was 14 then – I have dreamt about my very own tattoo studio. These were times when the Internet was no as available as it is now, there were no tattoo magazines so the access to information was highly limited. You had to find the studio which would mentor you. It was not so easy though since they did not want to share their secrets or teach competitors (laughs). Still, I managed to find one and I worked there for 8 years. After that time our ways parted and I opened my first studio. I did not run it for long though since I got a job offer from Berlin.

I run the current place on my own there are no assistants, managers or team whatsoever – it's just me and the clients whom I may devote myself fully and create intimate atmosphere (laughs)