Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Electro Prague Festival vol 8

If you've been in Prague at least once you probably know that it's enough to walk across the Market Square or Charles Bridge to experience the multicultural diversity ... it's quite similar with Electro Prague Festival , though perhaps in a smaller dimension: the Czech, German, Ukrainian and Polish (yeah, feel like recognizing my national identity today:)
It was a fine event, though there were some nasty moments too... but let's make it orderly and start form the beginning.

Friday, 15 February 2008

UnterART - Memento

UnterArt – a trio from Hamburg – have every chance of reigning the dance floors in the upcoming season. Their newest release „Memento” is a mix of harsh, dynamic and energizing as well as meditative, rich soundscapes that entrance the listener gently and yet overpoweringly.

The album includes two pieces already known as they had been pre-released, namely „Der Morgen and „Exit”, three part „Novalis” being an instrumental passage of changeable atmosphere and yet set in electro&industrial with a stronger swing in either a former or a latter way.