Thursday, 28 August 2008

IC 434 Bacteriate

IC 434 got my attention some time ago, mostly due to the piece „Our Great Nation”("Banished"), which was present on my personal faves list for quite long.
Geert de Wilde has been making music since 1991 he was a member of such formations as Genocide, Haradwaith or Vomito Negro, he was also involved in remixing. Under IC 434 name he released a.o: „Weathering Skies„,"Drowning Beyond„ or „The Banished”,
March 2008 witnessed the arrival of his new album entitled „Bacteriate". The first thing that came to my mind after I'd listened to it was: „discotheques will definitely not lack the good music to fill their dance-floors in the upcoming season ”.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

F.O.D. Synthesizer Tanzmusik

F.O.D are definitely not novices in the music biz: starting from the single „Krissi„ (released in 2002) through such albums as „Crucified, „Made in Germany”, to the recent „Synthesizer TanzMusik”, Daniel "eXcess D", An/dress and André "van den gerk" have been making music described as synthpop, EBM, Wave and Electro.