Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bahntier - Venal

The first time I saw the band Bahntier was at WGT '06 and I must say it was quite a shock – Bambi and latex, uncontrollable rush juxtaposed with order, dynamism and neurosis, madness and dancy regularity...
After the first shock is gone, you may take a fancy, after the second – get addicted. As to the exceptionally resistant – well, they will at least leave with an impression of quite good a show.

Ah Cama-Sotz Declaration of Innocence

While listening to „Declaration of Innocence” I once again reach the same – obvious as may be – conclusion that the number of tones the beautiful music may take is limited only by sensitivity, experience and emotions of an artist.
The beauty might be expressed by mystery, music discoveries, experimenting with instruments, presenting rare inspirations or quite the opposite: by exploring the familiar soundscapes, classical arrangements that appeal to a listener by simple, noble form.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

genCAB - II transMuter

When I started listening to II transMuter, my first impression was that it’s more than annoying.
“Left Eyed Gemini” sounds like some crazy vagabond was flying about in space, looking for radio stations among the myriad different frequencies (including some alien broadcasts), producing cataracts of noise. It made an alarm signal go off in my head, so my first contact with genCab was rather “chilly.”

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Deathcamp Project - Well-Known Pleasures

Well known, but still pleasant to listen – at the current stage the title of the brand new album by Deathcamp Project does justice to their music fully.
The fact is Deathcamp Project play a lot of gigs so their music is recognizable and widely acclaimed, but it's only this year we've witnessed the release of their first full album. Rearranged, upgraded and improved well-known hits gained a new, fresh quality and got a new companion: a cover of Joy Division „New Dawn Fades”.