Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Peter Murphy & David J "40 Years of Bauhaus"

One of the factors that enables the concerts to have such huge an impact upon the audience results from the artist’s ability to combine marvellous music, scenic decorum, hypnotic performance and interaction with the audience into one in such a way the magnetism and charisma overflow and invigorate the listeners. The very fact of sharing the energy and building up vibrating, exceptional atmosphere is the other. While I take part in such events I can truly appreciate the sense, meaning and importance of artistic output and presentation certain masters in music demonstrate.

On 26th on November the concert of the legend of Gothic Rock took place – the vocalist and bass player of Bauhaus – Peter Murphy and David J – played a remarkable concert in a hall packed to its limits with fans.

The songs of both the début Bauhaus album „In the Flat Field” and also some latter pieces constitute a flag examples of music, which, just like in case of Joy Division, shaped the Gothic rock wave, added to its tone and imbued it with a dark, a bit mystic atmosphere so specific for Bauhaus

Piękno i siła oddziaływania koncertu wynika między innymi z tego, że artysta potrafi połączyć w jedno przepiękną muzykę, oprawę sceniczną i sam performance – hipnotyzującą sceniczną manierę, doskonały kontakt z publicznością, pewien magnetyzm i charyzmę. To, że potrafi nie tylko emanować energią i obdzielić nią swoich słuchaczy, ale też dopomóc w stworzeniu wibrującej, niesamowitej atmosfery wydarzenia. Biorąc udział w niektórych widowiskach jestem w stanie odczuć to w pełni i wtedy docenia się mistrzostwo artystyczne danego muzyka.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Coma Alliance "Weapon of Choice"

What do our choices stand for – who we are, which way we are heading to, with whom, as who, which role we choose, which direction we are looking at, what we prefer to turn back from, what we decide to see and what not, what we react to – our choices define us and influence what's around us. Does it make our choices weapons? To some extent for sure. Is this the main theme of Coma Alliance album? Listen and find out.
„Weapon of choice”, the album released on 16.11.2018, is a result of Adrian Hates (Diary of Dreams) and Torben Wendt (Diorama) cooperation. Gentlemen worked together at various occasions before, but Coma Alliance is their separate, original project which unites their two individual artistic visions on equal basis.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Peter Hook & The Light - 15.11.2018, Wrocław

Peter Hook, the legendary bass player of JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER played an extraordinary concert in Wrocław, Zaklęte Rewiry on 15.11.2018. It was a show to present the music of "Substance", which includes the most popular pieces by Joy Division, as well as those of "Unknown Pleasures". I must admit Peter Hook & The Light brightened the night!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Schattenwelt Festival 2018 review

Schattenwelt Festival took place for the fourth time. It's an exceptional event that combines both a grand scale, cosiness and perfect organization. The venue being the Schwechat centrum Multiversum facilitates a lot when it comes to sound, light and scenic arrangements while the careful selection of the bands for line-up attracts the most fantastic audience which is the main factor that makes the event so special.

What has to be said at the very beginning is that the organization of the whole event, security and the most friendly staff and the choice of bands were the essence that made Schattenwelt one of the festivals I'll hold dear in my memory.

During two festival days (9-1.11.2018) we could see nineteen bands. Each of them presented a different tone of dark alternative music. The concerts took place on two stages – a smaller, club one where dynamic, dancy sounds dominated, and the main one where emotions, guitars and metal power prevailed.

On Friday the line-up was as follows: JanRevolution, Dark Side Eons, H:EXE, Sad Dolls, System 84, SITD, Whispers in the Shadow, AD:keY i Kirlian Camera

On Saturday we could see The Flatfield, Schramm, Amnistia, Lahka Muza, Ash Code, Frozen Plasma, Orange Sector, Diorama, Siva Six, And One.


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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Schattenwelt Festival 2018 - Day 2

Schattenwelt Festival took place for the fourth time now. The event organized in Vienna combines the scale of a big event and exceptional atmosphere of a cosy, little one. Altogether it gives incredible experience.

Schattenwelt Festival 2018 - Day 1

Schattenwelt Festival took place for the fourth time now. The event organized in Vienna combines the scale of a big event and exceptional atmosphere of a cosy, little one. Altogether it gives incredible experience.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Wroclaw Industrial Festival XVII - Saturday

The second day of Wroclaw Industrial Festival was predominated by the most spectacular, magical sonic journey we were taken to by Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld. Two hour, rich musical show attracted crowds to Gothic Hall and definitely brought a lot of satisfaction and emotional satiation.
Powerful vocalic incantations and leading guitars empowered by the melodic richness of accompanying band made the concert most mesmerising, enchanting experience.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Wroclaw Industrial Festival XVII - Friday

Wrocław Industrial Festival zawsze cechowała różnorodność. Jednakże mam wrażenie że tym co naznaczyło pierwszy dzień tegorocznego festiwalu była agresja.
Można to odebrać jako swoistą odpowiedź, komentarz, reakcję na coraz bardziej przemocowe i pełne nienawiści czasy w jakich żyjemy lub czystą ekspresję artystyczną – jedno należy powiedzieć - emocje były niezwykle intensywne a przekaz mocny.