Monday, 10 November 2008

VII Wroclaw Industrial Festival

The seventh edition of Wrocław Industrial Festival will remain in my memory as the one dominated by music imitating a long, restless sleep, a mysterious tour of an unknown space, very experimental and turning towards all kinds of mimesis or experiments for their own sake.

There was certainly less energy and vigour, but more reflexion, focus and contemplation – so whoever longed for such states was sure to find them at the festival. And time was plenty to appreciate the music – in 2008, the organisers served us a sort of ”prelude” in the form of two days (Wednesday, Thursday) free of charge, when one could freely “sample” the music that was to come and perhaps be encouraged to participate in the festival. There was also an additional event on Monday – a sort of completion and closure.

The core of the event was naturally the weekend, which – as was stated before – mainly lured lovers of experimental sounds, beautiful, tranquil and hypnotic.
Both artists and guests came from rally different ends of the world, so you can say that the mixing of cultures was satisfactory and enriching on both the social and the artistic level (as DJ Wiktor Skok pointed out, art was discussed intensively “backstage” :-). And it was simply fun, since nobody lacked good humour.