Friday, 30 May 2008

LOWE - A 1000 miles

The album set in pop noir style with some nice add of chili, treats about Russian decadence and sin – that's what more of less we may read about the newest EP by Lowe entitled „A 1000 miles”.
Surely everyone will ascribe his/her own meaning to the material presented, still what we may definitely hear is six various versions of the title track that have one substantial thing in common. Namely, they have every chance of winning the dance floors by means of successful combination of lyricism and dynamics as well as catchy melodies that make them real club hits-to-be.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Xabec - transformed

Somehow I can't force myself to write a matter-of-fact, analytic review of „transformed” - to factorize and examine it. No, definitely it's not that kind of substance which you would like to draw barren conclusions about.

First of all it's because it's hard to call the release a typical album or a compilation: you can't treat it otherwise than like a closed entity as it's not a list of particular songs taken separately. What it rather reminds of is a soundscape, thematic gallery, a collection of impressions, a photo album, an artistic 'heteroglossia', a discussion of 13 artists.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Agonised By Love - Lovesick Society

It has never happened that I extremely liked 100% of an album , so when 75 to 80% of material comes into play I feel the release it definitely exceptional and noteworthy.

„Lovesick Society” is the second album of Agonised By Love released by Alfa Matrix and at the same time the one that finally won me over for ABL.

It includes 12 pieces that vary in emotional coloring, still I'd say they are closer too red rather than black, moreover, it's rich red.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Wave Gotik Treffen 2008

Just like every year in May I write this year as well : the carnival of spring-summer Festivals is now open!!!

Wave Gotik Treffen is a great opening (metaphorically and literally ) so it's no surprise Leipizg on the days of the Fest resembles a destination for numerous pilgrimages regardless of the reason: be it good music, company or sentiment that attract people: the amount of treats prepared for Festivals goers is enough to either recharge or destroy emotionally (and/or physically) for the whole year.

Aside from the concerts located in several venues (Agra, Werk II, Kohlrabizirkus, Parkbühne, Mortitzbastei to name just a few...) what is always prepared is a rich accompanying program that includes such highlights as films/photography presentations, picnics, meetings with bands and, of course, after parties led by renowned DJs or even band members.

I got to the place quite late, so the action I'd planned was a bit shorted and limited to the so-called “mini version”, still I got several discoveries and even ' revelations' during the event so all in all I see WGT 2008 as a success.