Sunday, 20 July 2008

Amphi Festival 2008

The 4th edition of Amphi Festival has come to a close... It was awesome!

Last year I half-joked about wanting a better line-up in 2008. It didn’t really seem possible back then, but the organisers proved it is possible.
The festival’s line-up, which you might call a review of what’s best of new and old (though this is, of course, a matter of taste), was really stunning and it was probably the reason why so many people came this year. All the tickets were sold out several days before the event, which does not happen very often (if it happens at all in the case of open air festivals). Let this be proof of the Amphi's growing class and renown.

Apart from the concerts, which I will discuss below, there was also an “R&R treatment,” including the Amphi Cup (where artists, organisers, sponsors and journalists played), meetings with the bands, afterparties and some quality time in pubs and cafeterias (among these was the Beach Bar, where you could see a lovely view of the Rhine and where you could even take a nap:-).

The weather was okay, though there was some rainfall and it was rather windy. One way or another, there was nothing that could have spoiled the mood; especially that everything was going according to plan, with no delays or programme changes.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Alternative Fortress 2008

Learning to think (let me repeat it to think) independently is painful.

For some the pain is so unbearable they prefer the others to take it for them. Be it media, church, prejudices, superstitions... all these offer an easier way than the one of taking pains, esteeming the situation and drawing objective, reasonable conclusions, or at least sobering up and realizing we're living in 21st and not 14th century.

I suppose I needn't convince anyone that Poland is the country of absurd, still every time in my naivety I believe the problems might be solved with the fair use of brains and not crosses, hatred, intolerance, ignorance, stupid indoctrination... and means the willingness to kill boredom brings out.

Well, on 12th July it didn't happen the way I'd been hoping. It seems all of us: the organizers, the bands and the participants of the fest provided hell of a fun to some pious Klodzko inhabitants. Poland - „bulwark of Christianity”!
I wish I could go and check how those Christian virtues are working now, when the Satan is out of town...

Never mind... it already happened and we can't do anything about it now. I'm just sorry - above all for the people who had come in vain (as we learned - they had travelled many kilometres), but also for the organizers fighting with the cut cables, most weird accusations and finally.. Acts of God? Was it God to cut down the electricity in both cases?

I don't even feel like writing what some of us felt when we learned the concerts had been cancelled and afterwards when the reasons were given ... grief, anger, disappointment, disbelief... and finally... shame? What can I say...for now one the only thing I may produce is a stupid, bitter laughter.

Thursday, 10 July 2008


The interview with the Chris Harms - the musician known of such bands as The Pleasures, UnterArt, Philiae, Big Boy...  The interview originally conducted for my other Magazine

We're talking about his new project LORD, the new album "Not From This World" and what music actually is..

Zentriert Ins Antilitz

The interview with Zentriert Ins Antilitz that we conduct by the way of the release of their newest album “Diametral”. Their previous album are a.o “Genozoid”, “Prozium” and “Mutilate” each featuring diversified and unique electronic soundsapes.
ZIA are: Marc Friedrich - Jürgen Warkentin - Holger Meuler & Guest Musicans


An interview with Klangstabil – German industrial/electronica project.
I was formed in 1994 by Maurizio Blanco and Boris May.


An interview with /Nicolas/ Van Meirhaeghe (Sal-Ocin ) , known of such projects as (to name just a few) Empusae, Tzolk'in This Morn' Omina, Ah Cama-Sotz... The music he creates teeters on the edge of the world of sound, word and image and every time achieves new (surprisingly good) quality.

We talk about new releases "Haab", "The Hatered of Trees", inspirations, cooperation with other artists and... the plans,

Let me also remind you Empusae is going to play at Wroclaw Industrial Festival 2008!