Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Diorama, Faderhead, Agonised by Love

I think we all needed such a concert... engaged, blue-ribbon one, smashing both mind and psyche and yet recharging the inner batteries of the listeners and adding to their strength in a magical way... We were given stimulation of feeling, distance, power, energy and tears; beautiful music and -on the other hand - crazy antics onstage releasing the elevated atmosphere of the lyrics and overloads in the area of our hearts a bit :-) That was what the music should work like – all-embracingly.

The fact that Diorama evokes great emotions is nothing new, however, now, from the perspective of time all the discussions held in the past, the comparisons, the debates who mirrored whom, where, why and with what result seem funny. And unnecessary. You know it yourself.
Diorama is the only. And that also 'one of a kind' was audible – and visible...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Forms of Hands '08

How many of you have always wanted (or still want) to go for a concert that would be located in a spatial, almost intact, atmospheric industrial hall? I certainly had and that was the first reason that made the distance between Wroclaw and Gladbeck bearable. Cause it's Gladbeck where a marvelous event with even more marvelous music occurs. It's called Forms of Hands and it takes place in Maschinenhalle Zeche Zweckel.

The immediate access to the venue is quite surprising: big way planted with trees does not suggest that somewhere in the nearby such a gem is located.
But the very entrance to the area of the former colliery is breathtaking: enormous building, big windows... it was a bit like finding a tree of wishes, if you know what I mean.
Maschinenhalle Zeche Zweckel itself is, like I mentioned, a former colliery, though its appearance does not resemble an industrial monster at all. On the contrary: well-maintained interiors, deco (inlaid floors, spiral stairs, wooden banisters, massive steel ribs on the ceiling plus engines set here and there to enhance the atmosphere) resemble a palace, indeed.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Elektroanschlag 9

How to understand the poetry of noise, to deafen oneself, to set every infinitesimal body cell into vibration, to delve into the variety of sounds that might be extorted from the machines ? How to survive in the noize cage, how to bewitch the machines to make them soften their metallic, hurting voices?
Well, go to Altenburg in April once and you'll know...

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Puppenspieler tournee 2008

It was already during the final countdown when I was getting the news: Hamburg – sold out, Krefeld – sold out, Magdeburg – sold out! And so on...the interest in „Puppenspieler” tour was and still is enormous (the first part ends on 30th May, the next part begins in October) which was surely caused also by the fact that Unheilig recently released a new album „Puppenspiel” that met a very good reception from the fans.