Sunday, 3 October 2010

XIII. století , Hyoscyamus niger 2/10, ODA Firlej/Wroclaw

What a NIGHT!!!! What a marvelous night!!!!

Fantastic atmosphere, stunning music and sparkling energy!
XIII. století and Hyocyamus niger gathered crowds in the club ODA Firlej and I didn’t see anyone leaving the place dissatisfied.

The first to play were Hyoscyamus niger ( the formation known to the audience from the numerous concerts in Wroclaw. What can I say – their consequence in building the insane image is impressive – they stick to their style regardless of opinions – which is a good thing.
Neurotic lyrics (Polish language prevailing – congrats on that, our mother tongue might be tricky when it comes to singing in it) intensive, drilling music and characteristic scenic manner – all the elements form a mad, unusual, but coherent entity.

To be completely honest, I had had no luck with their gigs till the last night’s one – and I’d been attending them since 2006. It’s the kind of music that will not make anything up with the noise, its quality is important for the overall effect, but every time I went to their show I saw them playing with disastrous sound, in a completely inadequate places, so the impression was, gently speaking, poor.
I finally experienced a breakthrough in ODA Firlej. The music of lunatics – superbly energetic or claustrophobic plus the rebelled vocalist challenging the audience with his wild eyes, dancing on the stage in the dim lights, screaming and singing about the things worth to listen – that impressed me right allright.
Tomasz Sokołowski was accompanied during Halucynacje and Dwie Gwiazdki Śniegu’ by Paweł Szajkowski who supported him with his highly melodious, invigorating, expressive and beautiful voice whereas the keyboard live act was Marta Zapłotna.
Additionally we could hear a.o : Izolacja, Niewłaściwe wspomnienia and my absolute fave– Wiara.

Then there was a short break and then the signal– now, now století století !

Firlej curtain went up and we were hit by the very first smashing gem „Fatherland” - please imagine the applause!!!! The hall was packed to the full, there were some crazy antics going on by the stage, hair whirs, pogo, walks on the hands of audience, roars of all sorts – it was the triumph of long-haired black-clads.
The band was doing their thing paying no attention to the concert hell in front of them – the ravishing guitars and well-known hits were breathtaking - they invoked the arising applause from the audience. We could hear a.o Nosferatu, Katakomby, Karneval , Hypnotizér , Kabarette Voltaire, Vampire Woodoo so, lots of pieces from „Dogma” and „Nosferatu” , there was also a new song being the Sisters of Mercy cover, and of course the cult Elisabeth during which the euphoria reached its very peak. I only lacked „Transilvanian Werewolf”, but what to do, it’s hard to expect all the songs to be played during one show, which was long anyway – there were two encores!!!
The people would not let the band go – I must admit it - Petr Štěpán and the band really rocked the place.

As to the performance itself – in sun glasses and moderately as usual – but they no, they took them off for a while, so it was the first time I saw Petr’s eyes :-) Additionally – big bravo for Jana - she broke her leg, but still played . The audience – especially the female part :-)– was also enchanted by the bass guitarist and supporting vocalist – Mirek "Palda" Paleček and the wicked power of drums by Pavel Štěpán.
Beautiful concert, thank you – the rest may only envy Wroclaw and try to invite the band to their place :- )

After the concerts most of the people ran to the exit door as if the devil himself was chasing them, so there was quite a hell by the closet. At that time we moved to the empty bar (at last) and then to the afterparty which was in charge of Steffan (Digital Angel, d’Archangel). He managed it in his good style, so in no time there was quite a party on the dance floor – smashing indeed :-)!!!!

At the very end i must say such events stimulate the energy, I may only wait for the next ones.