Friday, 27 October 2017

The interview with Monika Kozak - make-up artist at Monika Berlińska hair & make-up

Monika to człowiek słoneczko.
Jasna, pozytywna, zapracowana, wierząca w zmiany.

Z wykształcenia anglistka, później charakteryzatorka – zawód daleki od wyuczonego, tym niemniej fascynujący.

O tym jak dokonuje się radykalnej zmiany i jakie są ludzkie twarze z Monika Kozak

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Diary of Dreams - Hell in Eden

Some albums require a separate heart-mind approach. I always go for music first; if it gets its mark in my heart I go back to words – perhaps it's because the heart, the pulse, the nerves react to music instinctively shutting the brain down.
The words follow the melody, not the other way round.
Actually every time I turn the new album on I subconsciously wait for that moment when my heart recognizes the particular rhythm, the combination of sounds and words as the right ones and jumps like crazy pumping blood to my head screaming „This is it!!!”Adrenaline rush, champagne hit, a daze.
Well, the new release of Diary of Dreams definitely features several such shots and both my heart and mind are satisfied.

Friday, 13 October 2017

The interview with Maciek Frett - Wroclaw Industrial Festival, Job Karma

The interview with Maciek Frett, the organizer of Wrocław Industrial Festival, Ritual, Podwodny Wrocław, Energy of Sound, co-founder of Job Karma, 7JK…


It's already 16th edition of Wroclaw Industrial Festival...I remember the second one (2003) since it was the edition my festival journey started with. It was in Gothic Hall, damn cold, we were gathered at the gallery, warming ourselves up with coats, but the atmosphere was magnificent.

I was sitting there deaf for everything but the sounds, enchanted, a bit stunned and I had the feeling of experiencing something completely new, different from any other gig I'd attended so far

The atmosphere remained, however, the festival itself has evolved greatly. First of all it grew bigger and it also became one of the most important events of the kind in the world.

How do you remember the beginnings of the festival. Where did the idea of the fest come from?

The idea appeared spontaneously during summer work at renovations in Norway. While you're standing on a ladder for hours painting a building your head gets filled with strange ideas almost automatically so that particular one seemed a very realistic to me ;)